Friday, October 9, 2009

The Best Camera Is The One That's With You

It's a phrase recently coined by commercial photographer, Chase Jarvis. He's making reference to the fact that most of us always carry a phone or other device capable of taking pictures. And during the course of our days, even the most boring and uninspired of days, there's bound to be something worth taking a picture of.

Chase has released a new iphone app called, "The Best Camera", of all things, and it's aim is to make it easy for you to shoot and upload and share those moments with the world. It's not always practical to carry a camera with you, or in my case, a larger DSLR. But you'll always have your phone on you. The app makes it easy to share your quick snapshots - via email, facebook, twitter - with the world.

The images are decidedly low-fi and grainy. By today's standards - not that great. But that's not what it's about. It's about seeing the world around you every day and sharing it with others.

So to all iphone users, go to the app store and download "Best Camera" - and use it. It'll change the way you look at everyday things.


Travis said...

I've been using the app and it has, like you said, changed my life.
Another big thing I like is that I can edit and upload the images and not feel crappy About my mobile uploads. I worried what people thought of my flat, low contrast stuff- but worry no more

Katie said...

Brilliant!! May I print out this post and make a connection to writing for my students?